Our Story

The Concept

Founded by Amy Ter Wisscha in 2021, Bella Rose is a destination for today’s modern woman and wanderlust adventurers – Offering a specially curated selection of handpicked labels from across the globe, from Australia to London and the United States. With a clear vision of providing women with all they need to create a balanced wardrobe, Bella Rose stocks a repertoire of brands and styles to express each female’s individuality. Whether you join us for a shopping experience online or in store at… you are sure to find what you’re looking for. With timeless staples that can be worn through the week and elevated at the weekend, and statement designs for the moments and occasions that call for something that takes your confidence to new heights. Expect neutral palettes and pops of colour, flowing cuts and skin-skimming silhouettes, simple basics and captivating prints. 

The collection extends to swimwear with flattering swimsuits and coverups to compliment your sun-kissed canvas for those moments spent in the sun. Plus to complete your edit, there’s an array of stunning accessories and footwear, which covers essential flats, elegant wrap-around sandals and leg-lengthening stilettos. 

Bella Rose goes beyond just clothes; it evokes a feeling and captures a strong female culture. We know how important it is for a woman to feel her best when she steps out into the world to play her part on her very own stage. And what she wears is like a prop, serving a purpose. So, whatever the setting is, we want her to always feel her most confident. In every moment, Bella Rose wants her to feel empowered and beautiful

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